The Human Project for Kids is a new resource for families created by Apologetics Canada. We want to partner with you as you train your children to have a correct perspective of God, themselves and others. In a culture that is sending all kinds of confusing messages to our children about what they are and how they should live, we need to affirm the truth found in scripture about who God created them to be and what leads to their flourishing.

Our beautifully illustrated children’s books are designed to engage and capture your child’s imagination while teaching them Biblical truths about what it means to be human, what the value of human life is, and what leads to human flourishing. The family discussion guides and podcast series help to facilitate further conversation with your whole family on these important topics.

Children's Books

Amare loves inventing and solving problems until one day he comes across a puzzle he can’t solve. Join Amare, Bobo and Nya on their journey to discover what they are.
Matlynn struggles to find her place in the circus, leaving her feeling worthless. Join Matlynn, her elephant Dudley, and The Amazing Circus Family as she discovers her incredible worth in God.
Sunny is having the best day ever at the amusement park until her plans begin to unravel. Join Sunny and her grandma as they discover how Jesus leads to the best way to live.

The Podcast

If your kids enjoy podcasts like Wow in the World or Highlights Hangout, tune into The Human Project for Kids here.

Season 1

What can pieces of Lego teach us about being human? Are we like Lego or are we something more? Join Rachel and Reece as they talk about being human with special guests, Nathan and William.

How do we know when something is valuable and important? Are you valuable in God's eyes? Rachel and Reece sat down with Hanne and Beth to talk about how we know we are important to God.

Imagine living on a deserted island for a year with just a picture of your family. How would you feel at the end of it all? Why do we feel this way? Rachel and Reece are back, this time with guests Cariana and Felicity.

If you could create a kingdom, what kind of rules would you make for people to follow? Would they be good rules or bad rules? How would we know? Our hosts, Rachel and Reece, brought on special guests, Sam and Tristan, to talk about it.

Season 2

Is it okay to ask questions about God? Where do we look for answers? Reece and Rachel are joined by Kiarra and Victoria as they discover how to ask good questions, how to test that the answers are true and learn that not all questions are the same.

If you were in the circus what role would you like to have? Imagine a circus where everyone did the same thing. Join Rachel, Reece and special guests Alice and Sevanna as they explore how we should think about our differences and how we should treat people who are different than us.

What does it mean to be made in the image of God? How are our lives supposed to look like Jesus? Rachel and Reece sat down with Jacob and Eli to discuss how our lives should reflect the qualities of our Creator.

What happens when we do things in the wrong order? On this episode, Janelle and Warren help Rachel and Reece learn that our world gets really mixed up when we do things out of the order God designed. They learn about how to be a friend to people and a follower of Jesus, and what happens when we mix these up!

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